POOL: The Possibilities of WATER

ARTIST: Sol Rezza.
WORK: POOL: The Possibilities of WATER.
PLUS: Includes limited edition merch.
FORMAT: Digital.
RELEASE: 12/February/2020.
COUNTRY: Argentina.

The Tsonami Sound Art Festival (Valparaiso, Chile) has been working for more than 10 years in the dissemination and promotion of all art linked to the sound environment, being one of the most prestigious in Latin America, at least in the southern cone. It has a program of residences, webradio and performs in particular, a concert festival, performances and interactions, always close or in the month of December. For the edition 2019, in association with Kunst Radio (Austria) decided to commission several pieces artists to work on the specific theme of Water. POOL: The Possibilities of WATER is the result of the commission assigned to Sol Rezza.

For those who do not know, Sol is argentinian artist, itinerant traveler, she lived much of her adult life in Mexico where she devoted herself to radio art, sound design, engineering audio, storytelling, experimental music and manipulation of all kinds of sounds that you can imagine.

The commission of this piece, finds the composer back to her country, Argentina, without own workspace, which is a great challenge, when you are accustomed to the comforts of your own work space. Returning after a long stay elsewhere, not only creates uncertainty, It also sets us strong goals and promotes a tenacious work discipline.

Sol always quotes in her workshops the words of Esther Ferrer “try saying as much as possible with the least tools available” and this time she had to make these words her own.

POOL was born as a LOOP, through the play of words as she developed the composition plan, creating or discarding samples and finding sounds to give form this piece, they were demonstrating the strength of Ferrer’s words. The entire process of composition of an artistic work, gives its author an apprenticeship and is the case of this composer. Assume the work from the instances less favorable, resignify moments, places, words, links, spaces.

Working with sounds is never simple, in fact, no one activity is. The piece required long processes of audio editing, cutting and assembly of sound fragments for then, create rhythms with each cut. This process in a good acoustic room, quiet and silent studio, is gives in a way, the space in which Sol was, changed her way of listening regarding these mini loops constantly. In the morning they sounded one way, the other day, the sound changed drastically (although it was the same) for the soundscape that surrounded her, which constantly transformed her way of listening.


Adapting, being attentive to the transformations, is what she learned with POOL.

Pool consists of 7 “stories”, all told with sounds, all assembled and concatenated, intervened, processed, edited in the form of small loops, of granular samples at times. Changes in the road that began after her residence in HALLE (Germany) and after the piece “ROOMS in my Mind”. Mutation process with which she tries to get away from the radio language, of which she was always a reference, not only in Mexico, but also in some of the Argentine universities, such as Rosario (UNR) or Córdoba (UNC).

As a paradox, POOL closely resembles a radio piece, built almost with all its elements and in a language that surpasses strictly radioart. This work takes the concept of water to tell concatenated stories, where many realities coexist, regardless of spoken language, something notorious in her work where her voice. Always kept a present imprint, to opt for the sound, almost all made up of samples of soundscapes, everyday devices, conventional and virtual instruments, and of course, the great narrator: The Water.