Franco Falistoco A. Club Atlético Rosario Central, Río Paraná, Argentina | PH: María Laura Bauman

Franco Falistoco A. (Argentine)

As a radio producer and sound engineer, I focus my interests on two aspects: to develop and deliver a clear message, and to do so in the best possible way. I base my work on the idea that sound communicates in all its variations, without the need for words (generally) and appealing to intimate and collective emotions.

Currently, I am devoted to sound experimentation, being radio art and sound art formats where I can deploy and channel both communicational and artistic concerns.

For a decade now, I have been carrying out The NOISE is the Message, a radio laboratory of sound alchemy that uses noise (within the sound axis of a cultural context) as part of the language of sound.



Gerardo Figueroa Rodríguez (Santiago de Chile, 1969) is a musician and researcher. From October 5, 1988 to February 27, 2010, he carried out an artistic research project called GFR Broadcasting System, going thru its 4/4 post-production stage nowadays. ...