Constant Mutation

El RUIDO es el Mensaje

In the beginning there was nothingness, nothingness itself, disenchantment, abandonment.
In the beginning.

Tiredness and nonconformity are interesting forces for restless spirits, they never stop moving, they never stop being uncomfortable, they never find peace for their intricate untamed curiosity. They never cease.
The good thing about disenchantment is that it gives you more strength, more desire to move forward, your body becomes a machine that does not cease to grow in curiosity. The body mutates along with your head.

The sound image is a concept related to perception. It is the subjective mental image that each person has before a sound stimulus. The term sound image or acoustic image was coined by the Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure in his 1878 work Memory of the Primitive Indo-European Vowel System.

Also, the theorist Herbert Marshall McLuhan, in his Theory of Perception, states that the sound image needs to be strengthened by other senses. Not because the sound image is weak, but because human perception has great dependence on visual perception and the sense of hearing needs that sight confirms what it has perceived. Therefore, the sound image is both acoustic and visual. An example: a person listens in his living room to a CD with a fragment of Carmina Burana and, in his head, evokes images and sounds that take him back to a context of medieval battles, knights, ladies, blood, etc.

NOISE is the Message is Ludo-Sound Experimentation, Radio Art, Contemporary Journalism. These labels work like a corset, because it would be pigeonholed, limited. Here we have the objective of taking up again the languages of radio, Voice, Word, Music, Sound Effects, Silence.

As a Contemporary Radio Production, destined to explore the language of sound in a playful-experimental way, to do it from an interdisciplinary point of view, where the genres are crossed/mixed to form a collage that has as a transmitter format, the radio and as a receiver, the sensory senses of each listener/viewer.

The concerns and curiosities offered by the sound field in relation to play, experience and experimentation, aim to offer radio with other uses of its language.
We seek to make radio that surprises us, that transgresses us, that breaks us and crosses us. That flies outside the conventional and not so conventional limits, that contributes to the enrichment of those who consume it, but above all, that marvels us who make it.

We make noise, because we like NOISE, it is the primary scream of the newborn subject, it is the howl of communication, communicating through NOISE, between NOISE, above NOISE.

Every time that communication does not fulfill the hegemonic role, it is said that it makes NOISE, we believe that this paradigm has mutated, changed, evolved. NOISE may not be disturbing, NOISE is a cultural conception. NOISE is the Message. ℗