«Just as there is auteur cinema, there is auteur radio. It is radio for creation, artistic expression, reflection and experimentation..»
—| Asbel López

Signal Flow ꞊⫸
█ #DISRUPTIVAS: a project that arises as a necessity in the face of a panorama within the world of sound that is quite precarious.
#DISRUPTIVAS is the result of interviews carried out as part of the agenda of NOISE is the Message from its genesis (2011) to the present. For this work I took some of them, together with work I did with colleagues, and re-edited, remixed and subsequently mastered them, trying to keep the essence intact of what these artists transmit with their voices, conceptualisations, experiences and processes in the art world.

For this purpose, a web platform was created where the resulting podcasts are hosted with a file on each artist together with their respective links for more and better information.

It is worth mentioning the work of my partner in this project, Sol Rezza, and her fundamental part in re-elaborating all this engineering in order to translate it into a videogame, together with her advice on immersive audio, spatialisation and binaurality. #DISRUPTIVES is supported by the Fondo Nacional de las Artes.

We listen to:
► Sol Rezza (Intro)
► Andrea Cohen
► Elsa Justel
► Olivia Louvel
► Lucrecia Dalt

Presentation of the project by Sol Rezza and Franco Falistoco.
More information about the colleagues, in their virtual spaces.

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El RUIDO es el Mensaje 2023, 1: #DISRUPTIVAS

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Be part of listening in the vast landscape of Sounds.

NOISE is the Message | 2023

We recommend the Use of HEADPHONES.
Specs: audios recorded in Reaper with SHURE, AKG and Zoom H4n & H3-VR microphones and recorders. Mix, edit and radio montage in Ableton Live. Binauralisation process with SOUNDSQUARE.
Production: Franco Falistoco and NOISE is the Message with Gerardo Figueroa Rodríguez (GFR).
Advice and consultancy in Sound Engineering, Binaurality and Immersive Audio: Sol Rezza.
Special collaborations: Daz Disley, Enrique De Rosa Giolito.
Thanks to Andrea, Olivia, Elsa, La Negra Ocampo & Lucrecia , for their sounds, words and recommendations.

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The Sound is the NOISE of the Message.