El RUIDO es el Mensaje 2014

El RUIDO es el Mensaje 2014

NOISE is the Message is a radio production, which aims to revisit the languages of radio:
║the voice,
║the word,
║sound effects,

This exploration of the language of sound is carried out from an interdisciplinary perspective, where genres are crossed and mixed to form a collage whose emitting format is the radio, and as an addressee, the senses of each listener/spectator. For these reasons, it is considered within the currents of contemporary journalism, RadioArt and sound ludo-experimentation.

The concerns and curiosities offered by the field of sound set us the objective of offering a radio that exploits other uses of its language. Experimentation, the confluence of ideas, the work and recording in different areas of the city contribute to create in us and in those who listen to us, broad communicative and interpretative competences of reality, to be able to insert ourselves into our communities in a more complete, critical and reflexive way. By revaluing the importance of the soundscape and its numerous components, we seek to rescue the sense of urbanity, the importance of community life and respect for collective meanings, so little taken into account nowadays. The result will be a more receptive and active “walker”, committed and integrated with his acoustic and therefore social environment.

Be part of the listening in the vast landscape of Sounds.
We recommend the Use of HEADPHONES.
Integral Production: Franco Falistoco A. for NOISE is the Message and collaborators.

El RUIDO es el Mensaje