«Silence is painted well by the appropriate NOISES.»

Signal Flow ꞊⫸


Living in the nature of sound.

Multi instrumentalist, singer, composer, teacher and producer.

From his childhood when he began to play, till the present, he studied guitar with masters like Ruben Alvarez, Armando De La Vega, Ricardo Ridecós; contrabass with Oscar Giunta, tuba with Daniel Romano, oud and maqamat with Douglas Felis, as well that he passed for the Conservatorio Municipal Manuel De Falla and EMPA (Popular Music School of Avellaneda). By his own he studied also different instruments like charango, bouzouki, ukelele, trombone, banjo, baglama saz and saw.

During his life he investigated and studied harmony, theory of sound, acoustics and psychoacoustics, in order to know deeply the relations between music and nature and his relation with healing and human spirit. This activity cuntinues till today. Nowadays he is studying singing with the great master Lucia Maranca.

He was part of lots of groups and orchestras like El Piso, Romana Patrulla, Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes, La Quimera Del Tango, Palo Pandolfo’s Cuarteto Garpamal, Volver Acero. In The present he works as a member and director of Daniel Melingo’s orchestra.

He participates as a producer and musician in lot of records with all his projects and others like Paloma Del Cerro, Gotan Project, and he worked two times as hired musician of the Orquesta Filarmónica of the Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires playing Krenek and Penderecki with his saw.

His activity took him to the world playing in some of the most importants scenes and festivals.

This is how we release a new NOISE from the 2024 season.
Interview in MARCH 2024 by Gerardo Figueroa Rodríguez and Franco Falistoco.

We listen to the works of MUHAMMAD in El NOISE:

  • Dédalo (Frag)
  • Sacha Mama (Frag)
  • Umami (Frag)
  • Umami Drones (Frag)

ÁLBUM: Charango Fantástico (℗ 2022 – Ultrapop)

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Be part of listening in the vast landscape of Sounds.

NOISE is the Message | 2024

We recommend the Use of HEADPHONES.
Tech Specs:
✪ Audios recorded in Reaper with SHUREAKG and Zoom H4n & H3-VR microphones and recorders.
✪ Sound edit in OceanAudio, Mix, radio montage and mastering to platforms in Ableton Live.
 Binauralisation process with dearVR AMBI MICRO.
✪ ProductionFranco Falistoco A. and Gerardo Figueroa Rodríguez (GFR) to NOISE is the Message.
Thanks to MUHAMMAD for his sounds, words and recommendations.

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The Sound is the NOISE of the Message