7: «Matthew Herbert: The HORSE»

«There’s this romantic idea that we’re empty and this music just appears into inside of us.»
—| Matthew Herbert.

NOISE is the Message | NOISE2023E07

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On This ROUTE: Matthew Herbert presents his latest album, The Horse, in an exclusive interview.

It is no exaggeration to say that Matthew Herbert is one of the most important British artists of his generation. His achievements in the field of music and sound are iconic: from film soundtracks and avant-garde composition to mixes and remixes of dancefloor hits, to reformulations of classic works, his achievements in the field of music and sound are transcendent.

Interview conducted in March, by Franco Falistoco and Gerardo Figueroa Rodriguez.

We Listen
► Radio Boy: Macdonalds
► The Horse’s Winnings
► The Horse Has A Voice (feat. Theon Cross)
► The Rider (not The Horse)
► The Horse Is Prepared
► The Horse’s Bones Are In A Cave

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Matthew Herbert: The HORSE | RUIDO2023

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Specs: audios recorded in Reaper with SHURE, AKG and Zoom H4n & H3-VR microphones and recorders. Mix, edit and radio montage in Ableton Live. Binauralisation process with SOUNDSQUARE.
Production: Franco Falistoco and NOISE is the Message with Gerardo Figueroa Rodríguez (GFR).
Advice and consultancy in Sound Engineering, Binaurality and Immersive Audio: Sol Rezza.
Special collaborations: Daz Disley, Enrique De Rosa Giolito.
Thanks to Matthew , for their sounds, words and recommendations.

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