37: «Cecilia Vicuña: QUIPUS»

«NOISE, even the slightest NOISE, is part of Art.»
—| Cecilia Vicuña.

NOISE is the Message | NOISE2023E37


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█ #FREQUENCIES: Cecilia Vicuña is a poet, artist, activist, and filmmaker whose work addresses pressing concerns of the modern world, including ecological destruction, human rights, and cultural homogenization. Born and raised in Santiago de Chile, she has been in exile since the early 1970s, after the military coup against President Salvador Allende. In London, she was a co-founder of Artists for Democracy in l974. She has published countless sound performances, books, poetry books, and textile artworks.

So, between anecdotes, interpretations and commentaries, we released this momentous talk in this radio programme.

Interview conducted in November, by Franco Falistoco and Gerardo Figueroa Rodríguez.

Escuchamos las Obras en El RUIDO:

► Water (Frag)
► Kunter Ko (Water Condor) (Frag)
► Cecilia Vicuña, Anne Waldman – Extinction Aria (Frag)
► Cecilia Vicuña, Jose Perez de Arce – Nuevos Diseños Eróticos para Muebles (Frag)
► Cecilia Vicuña, Jose Perez de Arce – Abra Ritual (Frag)
► Cecilia Vicuña, Ricardo Gallo – La Niebla Vital, Wiraqochan (Frag)

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37: «Cecilia Vicuña: QUIPUS» | RUIDO 2023

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Specs: audios recorded in Reaper with SHUREAKG and Zoom H4n & H3-VR microphones and recorders. Mix, edit and radio montage in Ableton Live. Binauralisation process with SOUNDSQUARE.
ProductionFranco Falistoco and NOISE is the Message with Gerardo Figueroa Rodríguez (GFR).
Advice and consultancy in Sound Engineering, Binaurality and Immersive Audio: Sol Rezza.
Special collaborations: Daz DisleyEnrique De Rosa Giolito.
Thanks to Cecilia, for their sounds, words and recommendations.

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