16: «Nyokabi Kariũki: Anjiru (interlude)»

«…I love the Idea of SILENCE.»
—| Nyokabi Kariũki

NOISE is the Message | NOISE2023E16

Signal Flow ꞊⫸

█ #FREQUENCIES: We met Nyokabi Kariũki thanks to Viv Corringham and discovered a brilliant artist. Kenyan born, Nairobi native, citizen of the world. Nyokabi is one of those discoveries by recommendation that do not go unnoticed.
PEACE PLACES: KENYAN MEMORIES is the album through which we established contact and about which we talked for a long hour in a bar, at tea time, in Nairobi.

Interview conducted in April by Franco Falistoco.

We Listen:
► Feeling Body (Frag)
► Equator Song (Frag)
► A Walk Through My Cũcũ’s Farm (Frag)
► Galu (Frag)
► Home Piano (Frag)
► Ngurumo, Or Feeding Goats Mangoes (Frag)
► Naila’s Peace Place (Frag)
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Nyokabi Kariũki | RUIDO 2023

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NOISE is the Message | 2023

We recommend the Use of HEADPHONES.
Specs: audios recorded in Reaper with SHURE, AKG and Zoom H4n & H3-VR microphones and recorders. Mix, edit and radio montage in Ableton Live. Binauralisation process with SOUNDSQUARE.
Production: Franco Falistoco and NOISE is the Message with Gerardo Figueroa Rodríguez (GFR).
Advice and consultancy in Sound Engineering, Binaurality and Immersive Audio: Sol Rezza.
Special collaborations: Daz Disley, Enrique De Rosa Giolito.
Thanks to Nyokabi , for her sounds, words and recommendations.

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The Sound is the NOISE of the Message.