The NOISE is the Message – 2020 | NOISE #25

“We hear noise rather than words.”
—| Tito Lucrecio Caro.


Signal Flow ꞊⫸
█ In this ROUTE: Óscar Santis presents Tercer Vértice.

≈ Entre el Mauco y el Cielo
≈ Pragmatic Pogo
≈ Ciclos
≈ Pulsos en banda
≈ Desde la orilla

Interview and review that you can also follow in our BLOG.
█ STREET RADIO: #36 | Fabian Racca + Franco Falistoco A. = Every LISTENING is Unique.

Juliana R. Poussif: Lluvia en el patio de mi casa. Santa Rosa, LP – ARG.
Marcos Elguero: Mercadillo (vendedor gitano). San Vicente de Alcántara – ESP.
Pablo Ferrero: Sonidos de radio en viaje. LP y BsAs – ARG.

█ CORRESPONDENCE: Sound Cards that are born in another language to mutate and become SOUND ROLLING. 13th Episode:
Letter from Miguel Hilari to Iván Sánchez.
Letter from Marina Thomé to Ana Rodriguez.
Letter from Ivan Sánchez to Elena Macián Masip.
█ Tales of Capulla: Random series of stories set to music with a piece in random mode provided by HAMFUGGI Records. In the 14th Story: SCRAN. Music with Melophobia x Rad Mocker.
█ Shaun Robert: Meldung.


Be part of the listening in the vast landscape of the Sounds.
We recommend the Use of HEADPHONES.
Integral Production: Franco Falistoco A. with The NOISE is the Message and collaborators.
Thanks to Miguel Hilari, Marina Thomé and Iván Sánchez, for sharing the sound correspondences.

You can follow part of the reviews issued in The NOISES from our Blog.

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The Sound, is The NOISE of the Message.