El RUIDO es el Mensaje

In 2013, the basic idea mutated again, from FLUXUS to IMAGEN SONORA, a radio product inspired by radio, using the modality of radio art and non-linear editing, as a way of channelling the restlessness in the language of radio.

This second mutation resulted in NOISE is the Message.

The possibility of acquiring our own digital recorders and microphones and fitting out a home studio to be used as a sound laboratory, together with the work of Julieta Rigali as co-producer, editor and tirelessly curious, made possible a sound spectrum to provide this mutation with the path we were looking for, where this cycle continued with topical works, the task was, on the one hand, the biographical interview, of a pedagogical nature, and on the other, the discovery and fascination for the new sound arts, which, as we well know, are nothing new, but have been with us since we can establish a differentiated listening.

These assemblies, in the form of a birth, are like when we remove the wax from our ears and the doctor asks us, “What about the treble?

Nowadays, the broadcasts are distributed randomly in different Spanish-speaking radio stations.
NOISE is the Message.

PS: Thanks Juli, Always. Manu del Mar was in charge of the graphic design for the screen in 2013.