Constant Mutation

El RUIDO es el Mensaje

NOISE is the Message is a non-profit project focused on sound technology and experimentation.

Our mission is to tell the stories of sound and experimental artists, mainly women, who are making a significant impact on storytelling.

We focus on artists who use sound as a tool to tell stories in experimental and unique ways. We believe that sound is a powerful and undervalued medium for storytelling, and we want to inspire other artists to explore new ways of creating narratives through sound.

We are also committed to the community and work to create a space where artists can connect and collaborate. We believe that collaboration is essential to success in art and technology, and we strive to create opportunities for experimental artists to come together and create.

In NOISE is the Message we celebrate the power of sound as a storytelling tool and connect the community of experimental sound artists.
This is an invitation to sail together on our sonic journey!